65 Best Plants to Grow in an Aerogarden

65 Best Plants to Grow in an Aerogarden

Picture showing some of the best plants to grow in an aerogarden

Growing plants in the aerogarden is one of my favorite ways to garden. It’s minimal mess, available year round and super easy. This is a list of the 65 best plants to grow in your Aerogarden. I go into some details about the Aerogarden, characteristics for the best plants to grow in an Aerogarden and a little about each plant in this blog so be sure to check it out!

Mini Bell PeppersStrawberriesSt. John’s WortAnnual PhloxMoss Ross
Jalapeno PepperMexican Sour GherkinLemon BalmAngeloniaMorning Glory
Sweet PeppersBasilSageBachelors ButtonSchizanthus Caprice
Fairy Tale EggplantMintThymeCalendulaShasta Daisies
CeleryTarragonCilantroCornflowerSweet Alyssum
KaleValerianRosemaryCosmosSweet Peas
Swiss ChardMarjoramDillDianthusPetunias
Bok ChoyMilk ThistleLavenderGazaniaPoppies
Snap PeasFennelChivesGeraniumVinca Pacifica
Green BeansCuminWheatgrassGerber DaisyViolas
List of plants that grow in an Aerogarden

What is an aerogarden?

As you may already know an Aerogarden is one of the best things for indoor gardening and small spaces. An Aerogarden is a complete indoor hydroponic system . It has grow lights, a water tank, a water pump, and plastic grow baskets for plants. It makes hydroponic gardening a total breeze and yields tons of healthy delicious food for your household. 

All Aerogardens have a control panel that lets you see when you need to add nutrients and monitor the water level which truly makes it a smart garden. There are a wide variety of Aerogarden models and then several off brand models as well. 

3 Aerogarden models side by side
3 Aerogarden Models

I personally own 3 different Aerogarden models. I started with a harvest model that has 6 pods. I loved the ease of the system, the amount it produced and basically everything about it. I then purchased a bounty model which has 9 pods. Then this year I recently got the aerogarden farm XL model and love it. The farm models are massive and each have 24 pod spots. I still use all 3 models, including my original one which is still kicking thanks to quality, proper care and maintenance. 

I personally don’t recommend any off-brand ones because I haven’t owned one but also the aerogarden support line is amazing. The farm model I purchased had the screen go out in the first few weeks of having it, they helped me troubleshoot and then sent me the necessary items for repair super fast. It’s working totally fine now and I’m looking forward to my first crop of strawberries to come in.

Why don’t all plants grow in an aerogarden?

When looking for plants that would do well in the Aerogarden it comes down to thinking about having enough space and plant design more than anything else. 

There are many plants that will simply grow to be too large and demand too much space for the Aerogarden. 

There are other plants, such as root vegetables, which have to have large amounts of soil to grow. 

Then you have something like traditional tomato plants which get very large and produce large heavy fruit, so those won’t work well in an Aerogarden where the lights aren’t higher than 24 inches and the water tank doesn’t support a robust roots system. You would need to look for a dwarf, cherry or other small tomato variety that would be better suited for the Aerogarden. 

Now if you are just looking to grow and then transplant you could do traditional tomato plants and move them before they get too big, this is discussed in another post I have on transplanting from the Aerogarden plants. 

Trees are an obvious no-go for the Aerogarden due to size and root structure. 

Spinach is one that, in my opinion, is also not great for the Aerogarden. The size is appropriate, but something about spinach and hydroponics make for a really challenging situation that, in my opinion, is not worth your time and effort, especially in the beginning when just starting out. 

Plants like cabbage, pineapple and broccoli that get very large for the 1 head they produce also don’t work because of the large space and expansive root system needed. 

What characteristics do I need to consider for aerogarden plants?

Size will be the biggest characteristic to take into account for the aerogarden. Dwarf sizes, plants that grow less than 2 feet tall or plants that can be pruned to be shorter and still produce well are the best fit for an Aerogarden. 

Consider the weight of the fruit/vegetable. If the plant you’re looking at produces large heavy fruits or vegetables, then it probably won’t work well in the aerogarden. Look for smaller fruits and vegetables, or dwarf varieties of traditional ones to be successful in the aerogarden.

The plants vining ability. Plants that vine and need a support system could grow in the aerogarden but would need a structure to grow along. Building a trellis structure for your indoor aerogarden could prove challenging but if you’re up for the challenge you could give it a try.

They also sell a trellis system for the Aerogarden that you could try as well, I don’t have it but it looks promising. 

How much does a plant produce. Look for plants that continue to produce once picked, trimmed or harvested. Again, things like cabbage or broccoli that produce one item per plant, just aren’t practical for the aerogarden. Lettuces, bell peppers, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries will be best suited because they can be picked and continue to produce for many more weeks or months. 

Do I have to use the Aerogarden seed kits to grow in the Aerogarden?

No, you do not have to use the Aerogarden seed kits. My favorite part about using my Aerogarden is the easy ability to use their grow anything kits or grow mediums to grow my own seeds. This way I can use heirloom seeds, or my favorite seed varieties to grow instead of the prepared kits.

I will say the kits are nice to use as well for many reasons. The first reason being they are all plants designed to grow in a hydroponic system like the Aerogarden. The second reason is that Aerograden guarantees their pods, so if one doesn’t sprout you can contact them and they’ll replace it. The last being they do offer a great variety and even some heirloom kits to grow.

What materials do I need to grow any kind of plant in the aerogarden system?

If you are choosing to grow your own seeds in the Aerogarden then you’ll need a few items. If you bought your Aerogarden brand new then it came with a kit, so I personally would utilize that kit first for cost reasons and to get an idea of how things grow in the Aerogarden. 

If you used your first kit be sure to save your plastic grow baskets and domes as these are necessary for growing using your own seeds. If you do not have baskets and domes, then I would recommend purchasing the grow your own kit because baskets are essential. 

I have done some DIY with the grow dome by using plastic wrap but found it really did not work as well. 

You’ll also need a grow sponge which is the little soil like sponge placed in the baskets. You can purchase grow sponges from AeroGarden directly, but I have used a few different ones from other sellers and found they are largely similar. I will link the ones I am currently using that are yielding great results and little more cost effective than Aerogarden’s name brand ones. 

You will of course need the seeds of whatever it is you are trying to grow. You can also use clippings from herbs but this can be more challenging. 

You’ll need water to fill the tanks and then some kind of liquid plant food or fertilizer for your plants. I personally have tried a few different liquid brands but do feel the AeroGarden one yields the best results. 

I buy it in bulk so I only have to purchase it maybe once a year. 

You also need water. The recommendation is distilled water, but I personally do not use that due to availability and cost. I use the filtered water from my fridge and haven’t had any issues.

The best plants to grow in the Aerogarden?

As with outdoor gardens the indoor gardening system takes some practice as well as trial and error to get things right. While I do think it’s much easier than outdoor gardening and I almost always have great results, there are still things you learn to do better each time you plant. 

Vegetables to grow in the Aerogarden


So many different varieties of vegetables can grow in the aerogarden, this list includes a lot but I am sure there are many more that could work too!


-Any variety of lettuce or salad greens should work. I personally love romaine, bib and butterhead in my Aerogarden.


-Cherry tomatoes and dwarf varieties work really well (also yes this is fruit, but I refuse to move it to that category)

Mini Bell Peppers

-Regular sweet bell peppers could work, but they do grow tall, large, and become heavy, which are all challenges in an Aerogarden.

Jalapeno Pepper

-Any jalapeño pepper will work. You could also do other small hot pepper varieties as well if they are about the same size or smaller than the jalapeño.

Sweet Peppers

-These grow great, and again any small variety should yield great results.

Fairy Tale Eggplant

-This was actually new to me, and I had no idea about this variety of eggplant. It is a popular choice for the Aerogarden and there are tons of recipes online so if you are feeling adventurous this one does really well in the Aerogarden. (also yes this is also fruit, but I refuse to move it to that category)


-Microgreens are actually basically any plant that you harvest before it fully develops. So any seed that you want to utilize as microgreens will work. For these you can use broccoli, carrot, and other varieties that don’t work for a mature plant but you’d be harvesting well before maturity.


-Choosing a variety that grows to 20-24 inches would be best for most aerogarden models. You can also harvest it a little young before it gets too tall for your garden!


-Kale tradtionally get very large, so I would again look for a dwarf variety of this, eden brothers has a dwarf Siberian variety that would be perfect.

Swiss Chard

-This one does well and you can harvest it when its a little smaller to help with spacing.

Bok Choy

-Bok Choy does great in an hydroponic garden like the Aerogarden. They do not grow very tall, but can grow quite wide so harvesting the outer leaves first helps alot with space and longevity.

Snap Peas

-This is a vining plant that will need a trellis or support system, but does do quite well in the Aerogarden.

Green Beans

-These do well in the Aerogarden but require a bit more space. This isn’t an issue, it just means you may have to leave a few pods out of your Aerogarden to allow this bush variety to spread out a bit and produce lots of yummy green beans. You may also need to prune the tops to keep them within the height range.


-Miniature cucumbers and small pickling varieties work best. You will need a trellis system to ensure these have something to climb. Eden Brothers has a delicious miniature white pickle heirloom seed, perfect for indoor gardening. (and yes another fruit that I am not moving, let me eat my “veggies” in peace)


-I want to note that I personally have not had success growing spinach hydroponically, and there are really mixed reviews online. Many sites and resources state you can grow it and others state you cannot. I have tried multiple times and not been able to get it to produce so I personally lean towards it is not best suited for an aerogarden but you are welcome to experiment and try.


This is a really short list. I want to keep it real with y’all and as I researched I saw several different things that mentioned blueberries and raspberries. I grow blueberries in my yard, and I blackberries which are similar in size to raspberries. I personally couldn’t imagine either of these doing well in an aerogarden based on their root system, plant size and time it takes to yield fruit. 


-These can do really well in the Aerogarden. Many people have success growing these hydroponically, and I am currently growing my first hydroponic crop in my Aerogarden as I publish this!

Mexican Sour Gherkin (Cucamelon)

-These are tiny little cucumbers and do great in an aerogarden. They do vine and climb so you will need a support or trellis for these to grow correctly.


Herbs to grow in the Aerogarden

Herb gardens are my favorite thing to grow in the Aerogarden. So many herbs grow so easily, and there is nothing better than snipping off some fresh herbs to take your recipes and meals to the next level.


-Genovese basil is so popular and does great in the aerogarden. Other basil varieties such as Thai basil, lemon basil, and purple basil varieties also do great.


-Mint grows really well in the Aerogarden. There are so many varieties of mint, but the ones I am most familiar with growing are peppermint and spearmint so I personally think those are a good idea to start with.


-Parsley does great in the Aerogarden, whether you choose curly parsley, flat parsley or a lesser known variety they should do really well.


-This can do good in an Aerogarden but there are lots of mixed reviews on whether or not it can easily sprout from seed.


-This herb does great in the Aerogarden but be aware that if you’re trying to harvest valerian root then this isn’t the right setup for you. You’ll get the pretty delicate flowers up top but the roots won’t be what they typically are in the soil.


-This is another herb that does great in the Aerogarden. You can harvest as needed and use fresh for you cooking just like oregano and other popular culinary herbs.

Milk Thistle

-This is one that there is not a lot of research on the internet about. I looked high and low and truly think it’ll work in the aerogarden. It’s actually a weed which makes me think it’ll thrive in almost any condition. You’ll need to prune it a lot to keep it narrow enough for your garden and it is possible you won’t see it flower due to space. If you’re super into milk thistle though I say give it a shot and then send me a message with your results!


-This is another one like celery that takes some manipulation to grow in the aerogarden. You’ll need to give it a bit of space and not plant anything directly next to it to give it some room to blossom out. It won’t grow as large as the store due to space but you’ll get nice leaves and a small bulb.


-Cumin grows great in the aerogarden, it typically grows to 6-12 inches which is a perfect size. It does bush out some but again with other aerogarden plants you can prune it back to help it fit better into your tight spot.


-Oregano is the soul-sister of marjoram and does great in the aerogarden. It is an easy herb to grow and it just continues to produce as you harvest.


-This is another edible herb that is often considered a weed. This can easily grow in an aerogarden buy grower beware this baby will explode and totally overtake everything if you’re not aggressively maintaining its width and height through constant pruning. 

St. John’s Wort

-This herb is another one that could easily take over and grow very wide if not kept in check through aggressive pruning. It is possible to grow it in the aerogarden and it does produce beautiful, delicate little flowers that can be used for a variety of purposes. 

Lemon Balm

-This is one of my favorite herbs to grow because lemon is my favorite flavor and smell of mine. This does great in the aerogarden and is very easy to grow. 


-Sage is perfect to grow in the aerogarden. It can grow a bit wider but trimming the leaves off as they grow out is easy enough and keeps this delicious herb in balance.


-Another culinary staple that does great in the aerogarden. It can grow wide but again this is easy to stop by pruning the outside stems and adding to any dishes needed.


-This less known herb does great in the aerogarden like many others.  It is also super easy to trim the outer stems and use as needed.


-Cilantro can do really well in the Aerogarden but I personally have continually struggled to grow it in the Aerogarden. Aerogarden states it can take several weeks to germinate but then should do great, I think the long germination could be the issue I’ve run into but if you can get it going it’s easy to maintain. I personally just trim the tops of the plants when I need some and take outer stems if it’s growing too wide.


-This is a great one to grow with your other kitchen staples and it does really well in the aerogarden. It is also very easy to trim and use as needed, while lasting many months on your countertop.


-This plant does excellent in the aerogarden as long as you keep the tops trimmed. It needs more frequent trimmings than other herbs because of how tall and fast it grows. Start trimming as soon as the leaves look ready to keep this from quickly outgrowing your aerogarden.


-This is one of my favorite herbs to grow in my aerogarden. It is beautiful, easy to grow, and all around a great aerogarden plant. It does grow wide like many others so keeping the outer flower stems trimmed off keeps it from taking over and requiring too much space. 


-Chives can do great in an aerogarden. They are slower to germinate than many other herbs and plants so you may want to think about that planning wise as you design your aerogarden layout. They also can grow slowly at first which again means careful planning is needed to ensure other plants don’t steal their light. 


-This one is fairly popular to grow in the aerogarden and can be harvested in as little as 7 days. It grows fast, tall and thin so it’ll work well with many other plants especially since its basically designed to be trimmed from the top frequently.


-This is an easy, fast- growing herb to grow in your aerogarden. It produces tons of flowers, which is what you typically use and makes a beautiful addition to your indoor space. 


Flowers that grow in the Aerogarden

Flowers do great in the Aerogarden. I don’t grow a them often because I prefer to produce food for myself and my family but I know many people like a fresh flower garden on their counter. I do love when my herbs go to seed and produce pretty flowers as well!

This list is pretty long because honestly most flowers that grow from seed instead of bulbs do really well in the aerogarden. 

Again as with anything else in gardening and on this list your results could vary depending on the conditions in your home and aerogarden.


-These come in lots of different colors and have a huge growth range, so they can grow well in the aerogarden with proper trimming and maintenance. They do bush out a lot so keep the outer stems trimmed to save space for your other plants. 

Annual Phlox

-This pretty little flower has many colors and does really well in the aerogarden. 


-This can do really well in the Aerogarden thanks to their typical height being under 2 feet and their tall narrow flowers. 

Bachelors Buttons

-These are beautiful petite blue flowers that grow easily from seed. They grow fairly thin and tall so they’re a perfect fit for the aerogarden.


-These yellow and orange flowers grow easily and quickly from seed in the aero garden. They are a bit larger than some flowers so they take up a bit more space when they bloom but cut beautifully. 


-These grow easily in the aerogarden. They do bush/mound out so will need consistent trimming but will continue to produce after trimming.


-These are fairly large plants but can do well in the aerogarden. There are a few aerogarden competitors that offer cornflower pods for their indoor grow units because they do adapt well to these hydroponic environments.


-These beautiful flowers come in all colors and do really great in the aerogarden. They, like many other flower varieties, do bush out wide when growing but can easily be contained through trimming to a slender width. 


-These beautiful flowers can grow really well in the aerogarden. They can bush out when growing but are easy to trim and keep on the narrow side. They also produce many flowers per plant and will add some great color to your indoor garden. 


-These African daisies grow great in the Aerogarden. They do typically grow just a few flower heads at a time, which makes them take up less space than some of the other mentioned flower varieties. 


-Another flower that does great in the aerogarden but can get very wide so high maintenance is needed. It produces tons of beautiful flowers that will for sure add a pop of color to your indoor garden. 

Gerber Daisy

-These grow really well in the Aerogarden. Similar to the African daisy, they do not grow super wide but produce tons of flowers for each plant. I love to clip these and use them in floral arrangements. 


-There is not a ton of information on how these do in the aerogarden available but based on their standard measurements and growing patterns, I believe they would do well in the aerogarden. You would have to do regular maintenance to keep the plants from growing to wide, but I believe they could work well and produce beautiful blue flowers for your garden.


-These can grow in the aerogarden and if this is your favorite flower you can totally make it work. I would not recommend them personally though because the size of their leaves versus the flowers make it very tight in the aerogarden. The leaves are so large and take up so much room that most of the plant appears to be leaves and less beautiful flowers. 

Moss Ross

-These beautiful flowers do great in the aerogarden but like other flowers need to be trimmed to reduce the width regularly. The leaves are nice and thin which allows the flowers to really shine and be the star of the show in the garden.

Morning Glories

-These beautiful flowers do great in the aerogarden. They add beautiful pops of color but do require trimming to reduce their width and overall length as they can really take over.

Schizanthus Caprice

-These do great in the aerogarden. They do get fairly tall but can be clipped and displayed as needed. The seeds can be hard to find but worth the effort because the flowers are low maintenance and beautiful.

Shasta Daisies

-These beautiful white flowers are very easy to grow in the aerogarden. They, like many others, need to be trimmed to maintain a more narrow width. 


-These fun flowers do great in the aerogarden and require slightly less maintenance than other flower varieties. While they can get large they do not bush out as much as many others. Their flowers are so beautiful and come in many different colors. 

Sweet Alyssum

-These can do good in the aerogarden but would not be my top recommendation to grow. They grow very very wide and while they can be trimmed to reduce the width it affects the overall domed appearance in my opinion.

Sweet Peas

-These flowers do great in the aerogarden and do not need as much maintenance as some of the other varieties. They grow fairly skinny and tall which makes for a great addition to your garden. I personally like to add these to the back pods because of their height to create a multi-level garden.


-Another flower that is so very easy to grow and does great in the aerogarden. They do get wide and need to be trimmed to reduce the width as they traditionally grow outwards very quickly.


-These do well in the aerogarden. They are taller and skinnier than many other flower varieties on this list but also produce less flower heads than others so they won’t add as many beautiful blooms to your garden.

Vinca Pacifica

-These do great in the aerogarden and produce many beautiful blooms per plant. They do grow fairly wide so need the regular trimming that many of the wider flowering plants require.


-These do great in the aerogarden and produce many beautiful little flowers per plant. You can easily grow these alone or with other plants but they will need trimming to keep them from growing out extra wide.

Let me know which Aerogarden model you have and what you’re planning on growing in it this upcoming season! I currently 2 of mine loaded with strawberries and my smallest one growing basil, parsley, and dill! 

If you’re looking for some other things to grow indoors be sure and check out my indoor gardening posts!